Spring !!! and soon 3 years with home treatment...
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Spring !!! and soon 3 years with home treatment...

Hello and thanxs for encouraging emails !!! 

Time is flying so fast its unbeliable !!!
I am soon to update my promised 3 year update - and it is so  unbeliveable how much that has happned and what I CAN DO NOW !!
Th eupdate will be commented ny a doctor and a physiotherapist.
I do so enjoy the first signs of spring - from my garden;

I also enjoy my HBeqipment- 
and so do Felix- he is so interested ! ;-)))

I have promised to write more  about eqipment and homeuse - I am working on that as well,  so please stay close. 
Or even better- go to www.houseofhouen.com and sign up for
newsletters and you will be able to follow my updates and follow my work too ! 
There is a lot going on !
Thank you 
Till we meet again here ... have fun !

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