November 8, 2014
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November 8, 2014

Update November 8, 2014
Many thanks for many mails !! - it is very encouraging!
  Sory I've been absent for so long - it's been a very long summer !!!
And much has happened!
The last months I have had other serious injuries in the upper back, shoulders, arms, and especially the neck and since it is already a very overloaded place that gave many serious problems it has limited my cumputertime to include only the most necessary!

  As I briefly described on my 2 year update - the need for a pressure chamber that can deliver a higher pressure. 

It was very apparent as time went on and I got better in many ways. Also mentally because what responded fastest and strongly was my spinal cord injury and all the chaos and lifethreatning symptoms it caused! 

It saved my life and led me slowly to more mental resources ...and also the need and dream of more activities ...things I have lost hope of for years !!!

  I can best describe it short, as  the low pressure was like a patch you put on a wound - but the patch is not strong enough to keep the activity and scab pops up, I got some of the old dangerous symptoms again by activity !

- Nobody had expected that I could survive the situation I was in when I got the pressure chamber 2 and a half year ago  - but I did !!! And got so strong I could start a much more normal life! 
No one had expected this development! 
So amazing to feel the strength and desire to return.

But we had to admit that there lacked a little more effect from the treatment. And it was so fortunately - in the form of a chamber that could deliver a pressure that will make it possible to get on with the next step in my treatment process!
With normal life and activities! Unbelievable !!

Thankfully there was such a  chamber here on my own island, very little used and after another short fundraising I had to the first disbursement / additional accessories for the chamber.

THANK YOU  to everyone who participated, contributed and supported with greetings, etc. This means ALL who have supported me the last about 4 years - NOONE could have been missed - it has been fantastic - a journey, step by step - and ALL help has been heartbreaking and wonderfull and I love it !!! 

It is now in my home and have used it for 17 days in a row and can notice a big change in the latest injuries - back, neck, neck, arms and hands - already much much better!
I will soon make a more detailed update - just wanted to say hi !

Thanks to everyone who over the past years has supported my fight  to survive and get  back to life again!

It's been an amazing journey and I can not express how much it means to me !!! 

Where is the white chamber in all these changes ? My first - you may ask ? Well its still mine but put to use to help others - in the spirit it was given me ! I cant sell it for sentimental reasons  !!!  

One of the things  do so love is I have managed to start working again with many of my old proffesions, arts and craft - but also I am in the proces of foundning a new innovative pain and stress handling program, based on my own tecnics, developed over the many horrible years !
Thank you !
Rise Houen                                      
november 8, 2014

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