December 22, 2013
Firmanavn - Slogan

December 22, 2013

Hello friends ! 

Long time since the last time ! 

I am sory - there has been some hugh problems with the sitebuilder on the website here ! Hopefully it is fixed ? Time will tell  - anyway THANK YOU for the continued interess and care for my situation - THANK YOU for all emails, greetings - they sure still keep the spirit up !!! 

I am still on the way back to more and more "quality of life" thanx to HBO  - and offcourse I just love it !!
Especially cause I am now able to work more creative - now I am actually able to work with brushes again. 
-  Also more than half an hour here and there! That has been impossible for many, many years ! I cant tell how much I enjoy it !

I had an accident and "broke" 3 fingers completely out of joint back in summar on my left hand.
 First now I have gotten the new braces that will be needed for supporting my joints, hands and arms  now !


The one on the left  arm and hand is much longer over the fingers as they got broken back out of joint
 - I wont try to say these are nice to wear - at all !!! 
However I am very gratefull there are people working with this kind of "eqipment" - I have quite a "collection"

Anyway this just short to say things are still going in the "right direction" - referring to the longer and detailed update in "1½ year"

It is still overwhelmingly fantastic to experience this "journey" back to life - lots and lots of awfull, dangerous symptoms has been lowered to almost unbeliable "nothing"  - comppared to before HBO !!
I have been busy with many things- especially preparing the exhebition. 
Hopefully it will be set up january. Thank you for requests about what kind of work I do - well I am working on a site for that alone - so be sure to be back soon again.
A little part of the exhebition wil also be the swans - detailfoto of work in progress can be seen here;

Offcourse there will be many other pieces, styles and kinds, especially acryl on canvas is VERY different from the swans.

I will be back soon - hopefully the  problems on the website  has been solved completely !

Till then. take care and have great fun ;-)

love Rise



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