September 3,2013
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September 3,2013

HI !!!

It is so  very long since I've updated -sory!
Thank you for continuing mails and greetings - wonderfull !

"Left side"!
 My left hand is injuried, it has  been broken backwards in an electric door that was out of order - and because of my sick joints ,braces and the power of the slam-  there was only one way those joints could  "give-in" - and that was to break backwards in hand-joints - three fingers - and of course with such a violent blow that damaged my wrist, elbow, collarbone, shoulder and neck! And the door slammed twice ! 

All joints are already sick, weak and hypermobile! - As unfortunate as it could be!

It has taken almost a month to recover from and i am only now beginning to use the left side again, kind of  "close-to-normal"! !

Whew - you  compensates when you can not use a damaged part of the body - so the right side is overloaded as well ! Well .. unfortunate!
So I'm behind in preparing the exhibition !!!!  - I am first again now slowly able to start painting again!

So it has been a quiet period marked by much pain - I've been very limited in my doings !!!

Have seen a great effect in the chamber associated with swelling, which resolved very quickly around the 3 fingers where the joints broke backwards!   And how fast they are getting stable again !

And also wrist and elbow ! 
The neck is in much more constant pain and "problems" with joints, disci and such...

  Also regarding  pain, oxygen again has proved to be incredibly AMAZING !

This just short - returning soon when the fingers have been happier using the keyboard again;-)))

take care so long!

Hugs Rise ;-)

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