July 23 - August 3 2013
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July 23 - August 3 2013

It has been a while since last.
Thank you for email !!! 
They keep encourgaging me and gives me strength to continue!

While I at some points gets better and better,  really fast and with great succes - mostly when it comes to the spinaldamage and things directly related to that.
(And that alone is such a very hugh part of my life and  hole healthsituation - it becomes more and more clear that the bladder and the inner ulcers need higher presssure in order to get better.)

My health s a mess of seriously many diagnosis, each with a seriously lot of symptomes, so there are many big and small problems for the HBO to solve !

When i bought my chamber I was not aware you could get chamber for homeuse that could  deliver several pressures - in a safe way ! 
So I had a chamber with one, low pressure, cause I was told to expect  very longterm treatment - and  the low pressure was the best to neurological symptomes -  and I must say;
 my body looooooves it  - when it comes to cramps from spine, pain, general welbeeing, energy, strength - endurance!
I have at least 10 hours up from bed time more than before hometreatment. 
Every day !     It IS amazing !!

But also a confusing time - cause at some points I really really is getting better, at some points still standing still! 

The things I can do better and better;
My joints;
 are getting stronger, no doubth!  While most of my cartilage in the body is gone or ruined and I need to use heavy fixating braces and splints, they DO get stronger
...and it means I can paint ..and I love it...really !

My tissue;
"Weak and weird", is stronger, dosnt bleed as much as before, also the symptomes NOT involving the spinalcramps.
When I had the spinalcramps, the heavy contrations of my muscles ruined my joints,  joints capsules, cartilage, muscles, 
tendons between bones, and the tiny attachments betwen muscles and bones. 
It is a hugh improvement that the spinal cramps are so lowered as they are   - amazing !!!

I can drive out in my garden - and do some work - I have already been out this year more than the last 6 years together ! 

So dayli energy and strength - no doubt -much much better.
Pain is still lowering - I still get in the chamber twice a day...and still enjoyes it!
 - early in the morning before the one hour pfysical training and painmanagement.  One hour in the chamber - fantastic effect !

-  duing the day I can do different kinds of things and then rest - and recuperate ! 

Meaning I can be active, rest and feel new energy ! AMAZING to say hello again to this "good old friend", a normal mecanisme in your body.
I havent had this function since 1991 when the spine-hell started!

My lungs;
 - still feels better, even the left - still nothing left of the "dolphine-sound" that was so easy to hear before HBO -  a rare symptom from EDS.

The things that still are hugh serious problems;
Inner ulcers, 
destruction of the mucous membrans in bladder and stommack, which gives extremely strong reactions to any food and drink.
the inner protective layers are gone -  so it all becomes chemical reactions - and they are not nice !

Many people at the same place - still a challenge that makes it not advisable to be in places with many people yet - a challenge cause when you get to feel better and get more energy, to have to stay away from things  that you now could have taken part of!
 After  those 4 years, not able to do anything  - and then the door opens to a little activity, it can hard to control what you actually want to do and not overdo anything to early !
I do so clearly remember the many preumonias! 
And the relief of not having any now...and try to stay very focused !

It has been possible for me to take up another
old passion, taking pictures - I do so enjoy this again !

Look at the gallery here, just click and take a look !
Thank you 
Rise ;-)


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