from "1year update" to juni 25 2013 !
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from "1year update" to juni 25 2013 !

From 1 year update page til june 25 !
Changes !
Still amazed over the changes - generally !
This period - the most dramatic I feel are the changed in PAIN !
And new ways to experience it !
From beeing this massive "state" - impossible to do anything to change - it was massive heat massive flood of liquid, red-hot lava that had hit most of the body - and the rest of it - the crazy pain and feeling of frostbite
Now there are many different shades, levels, I can determine where things come from and distinguish many kinds and types of pain!

And a huge relaxation in general and antispasmodic effect - which frees up lots of energy!
Especially mental energy - it tells a lot about how extreme much mental energy I have spent on pain control since 1991 !
(backsurgery and spinaldamage)
see more here about how it was and the changes!;
It is still extreme - but "going down" slow and stable ! AMAZING
It is important to remember that the longer damage the body has, the longer it takes to heal with HBO and oxygen - the longer before you have the HBOtreatment - the less it is likely to reconver completely !
But I am so amazed to see how much changes there are - and also to see how much the oxygen does - acut- and in long term-use!!! Oxygen is with no doubt the best painkiller i have ever had !
- And without any sideeffect at all !
As in the 1-year update I still have energy in waves throughout the day.
Gets exhausted, collapsing and can recover - and be active again - a natural mechanism I have completely forgotten but very much enjoy the experience again!!
Creative Work!
I can still work a few hours - not more, but better - wrists and arms become increasingly stable and strong
whereas the fingers still requires great care and diligence.
but enjoy being able to work a little again.
it is still "only" colored pencils, ink, etc.

I work at a show and I am very pleased to be able to work determinedly
Still long way to go - still lots of problems and symptoms - but fast going back to "more  stability"
- still needs to be extremely careful about most  things
 Respect the limits with great patience  
- but why do so much to feel better and get back into securyti and then risk it all or have relapse just because i get impatience ?
I am extremely gratefull and enjoy this journey  "back" 
It is easy to see how it goes well - good progress - but must remember that there are lots of diagnosis messed together here and tons of symptomes !
So lot of Work for the body ! 
No need to make damages when there are small changes all the time !!!
it still gets easier to train paralyzed leg.
 - still hard training- still using wheelchair. but balance gets better !
I have been able to get out nuch more this year already - than I have been for the last 6 years...I LOVE IT ! Enjoying the garden and plants Again ! Amazing !
 I have to say - I have help now and then and I am very gratefull for that - but LOVE beeing outhere Again! 
thank you very much for the continuing interess - it  warms my heart very very much !
love Rise ;-)

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