from march 9 to march 22 2013
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from march 9 to march 22 2013


First of all - I had to get more medicine for it !!!
It flared up  again - couldnt be solved in one package antibiotic, what else I was pretty proud of- it would then be first time in many years!

 But still - the first infection at all, since August last year - and when you consider how many infections I usually have a year, yes ... I'm certainly not complaining .. but the fever and all symptmerne returned so there was nothing else to do ...

 Oxygen has helped enormously in the symtoms, havent  been coughing as much as I used to and it has generally been much, much easier than before oxygen and pressure chamber.

The rare "relapse"

 Sometimes I wake up with cramps that  are  so violent they can not be alleviated and I know will come a few days when I'm back in all the symptoms  that used to be "everyday"- "normal" - in all the symptoms just as I have been accustomed to several years.
 - I simply just dont understand  how I survived ... literally!

It's amazing how much a person can get used to - lists and lists of symptoms, new diagnoses, many chain reactions ... slowly and steadily growing situation just ..... grows and grows.

There is no power to think or feel, you are fully occupied with survival - Hourly ... breath for breath!
The body is one  large, liquid caustic wound - the pain is so severe everything distorted - experienced so voilent and incredible to remember that THIS was once "the whole world" for several years !

Once in a while I get this period, the last time caused by a sneeze, an unfortunate "twist" in the back, in the spine, in my  sleep - and then  a few days' time when the body is put back in symptoms from before the pressure chamber
 - and I am "taken out"  without the possibility of doing anything!!

NOTHING other than just breathing, helplessly trying to relieve and prevent the cramps get worse - all the things that can provoke each other makes it familiar and hated ... - a couple of times I have woken up and have experienced such a couple of days
 - oxygen and pressure chamber can within a day or two ease convulsions, pain and all the sympthoms  I used to know so well.
It's  creepy -  feeling such a "setback" as I have been totally caught up in - and so indescribable to feel  the oxygens  great effect.

Even the smallest "twist"  in my  sleep can provoke spinal cord injury and can still have it all to come back, but the oxygen in mask and the pressure chamber has done an incredibly great job - all the damage takes then again a few days to recover from, all sprains are, all bleeding , all joints to be put back in normal places again.
The sight  returns to welknown, I can stand on my feet again  etc etc etc ...

 The muscles are totally tense up and feel like concrete... stiff, hard rigid .. and I feel  soo gratefull for having the chamber and concentrator here in my home !!!
The only things that have  ever helped! 

.. even though there is a very long way to go yet, there is no doubt.
 oxygen has been helping so  much it is hard to describe  fully !

I feel for the first time I'm coming in stable progress, not just random fragile changes, but STABLE IMPROVEMENT !!!!
A process - a journey that begins to hold so much energy and strength to believe in my dreams and plans for the future can be realized !

THANK YOU for all your help and support in this long, long  process - and thanks for the continued interest - BOTH in my situation but certainly also for hyperbaric therapy!
I do SO understand the hugh interess!!
Rise ;-)

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