January 12 - (7months update) - march 9
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January 12 - (7months update) - march 9

From the 7Month update (januray 12) til march 9 !
As I want to refer to the quite comprehensive update and go from this time.
 Generally much has happened - in some ways a great deal. my energy level feels completely different.
 I have not had so much more time out of bed in the latest period, but clearly much more presence - and energy to what I can actually can do!
In general, I feel I am in the process of the slow process to get better - I do not feel I standstill in a stiffened disease situation - I can feel a lot more lively, more life in the body, things developed, not so much more sense of being a wound with a small fragile eschar present that jumps up at the slightest movement - which is felt, sensed a deeper resilience!
There is no doubt that this long process to heal up with so many physical diagnoses - all with so many scary symptoms - slowly moves into the next phase.
Very encouraging and stimulating!
I can still not exceed the limit without immediately getting some response. Most cramps and the welknown chainreactions !
So patience is still a necessity.

I have, for the first time since August 2012 pneumonia.
 when I think that I before could easily have 6-8 infections in a year, it is incredible to have passed approximately 6 months since the last pneumonia - or any other infection !
 And the highdose oxygen in the mask has been a huge help - which will also be the hyperbaric therapy is what I feel the clear difference.
 Also the fever has been much easier to come to terms with this time - and this time it is "done" in  the 7-day drug period
- I'm used to having to have prolonged medication period - AND then bad stomach with - bladder infection and sometimes kidney infection on top!
SO this time is obviously not nice, but a clear "relief" and very quickly defeated.
I still feel fatigue as pneumonia is not "nice", but only what I consider much more "normal"
I am now able to draw much more regular - offcourse I enjoy it a lot !
I will upload pictures soon, thanx for asking ;-)
Thank you very much for email and greetings.
It is highly appreciated and very heartwarming - thanx for keep following the situation !
I do SO understand the very big interess in this therapy !!!
Rise -)

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