october 3 - november 26 periode including DMSO
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october 3 - november 26 periode including DMSO

HI !!!
It has been long time since I have updated here - things have been ..."up and down"...regarding health.
HBOT is still working thought, very good it seems ! 
BUT stil very very small "babysteps"
But as long as things are moving in the right direction I am happy !
I am absoutely  not complaining - I am happy as long things are moving just a little bit.
And looking at all the symptomes and old damages - it is almost unlogicaal IF it all was fixed in a short time !
It still feels like lots and  lots of changes but as soon as I do a little more out of normal order, things are back as usual ;-)
so...........patience ! Still patience !
However I am now up to beeing up more than 6 hours more before I started, and THAT is something I really enjoy ! Still not able to do more extra ...but feels better and better...
It has also been a period with a planned DMSOcoctail treatment - and that was very, very  hard this time
- I simply cant tollerate this coctail !
 Not much more to say about that subject !
Thank you for kind emails - they still keep me fighting !!!
Thank you for your interess !

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