juli 14
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juli 14

 - Have not used asthma seizure medication for a week! Despite VERY humid weather!
- Is used to my pain in the back and legs as a long massive flood of pain without end - the last day is a damping - AND twitch and bustle! Also recognizes this from the hospital!
- Have trained my fingers lightly with the big finger and wrist ortoses on!
 But can coordinate my movements a little different - especially the fine motor skills!
 - I have had my embroidery machines in work, been a little creative !!!!! 
Have looked with great longing for pencils, brushes, canvases and other things ... too early !!  - but I am glad and looking foreward....!
- Have for the second time this year, sat out in the garden for twenty minutes and drank tea - have otherwise not had the strength to it for more than 3 years! Too massive symptoms, cramps, vomiting, bleeding, pain, etc ... so it has in no way been appealing (is else outdoors type!) So enjoyed it a lot!
I still have the symptomes but feel much more comfortable in knowing I can get inside fast enough, if needed.  
 - My gums started to bleed less - and less painful in general!
- HBOT (Hyber Baric Oxygen Treatment) works in two ways. Acute alleviates among other things  pain and cramps and gives energy!
 And so the long term effect!
 It will not CURE what I suffer from, I will still have the connective tissue disease for example, but the horrible symptoms and damages will be dimmed much and I will be much stronger!
It's incredible to have access to treatment at home so I completely independently can use it - have found a good rhythm with an hour treatment in the morning where I also do the  physical training and mental pain work - and then I can later in the day again go into it and again feeling refreshed and feel cramps and pains relieved a bit!
 And the left lung and breathing ease obviously every time!
I know this project  takes a long time - but I'm happy for all the things that have already begun to change.
When you've had it like me, for so many years, SO massively defeated by so many diseases and disabilities that just relentlessly evolved, whatever I have done to prevent it, it's quite overwhelming to see thses things  begin to happen!
When for so many years has been totally incapable of even the most basic things, it's UNBELIEVABLE with changes - even the smallest changes make for me a huge difference!
I'm not just at "the bottom line", but is in total less - both in terms of energy (total exhaustion) and destruction of the body and various symptoms - so even the smallest thing that suddenly powers or strength is incredible encouraging to see! !

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