Treatment, june 2012
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Treatment, june 2012

Saturday, June 2.
The first treatment without increased pain - incredible !!!!!!!!
 Finally just normal mode - no additional provocation in the bladder from the modified pressure.
It was twenty minutes. quietly, without too much trouble! It has taken almost one whole month to get SO FAR!!
The first month was spent getting used to daily to go in the pressure chamber!
- every day - and try to prolong it a little every day.
It has totally been dependent on the bladder and spinal cord reaction. Some days, it has only been possible to be inthere a few minutes.
So it was nice to get twenty minutes of good treatment.!!!! FINAL progress - in the form of simple habituation.
I know it has been important to insist on the body to get used to it, rather a few minutes in the pressure frequently than pushing a long treatment through once a week.
 I also notice I am able to be out of bed for a  little longer periods of time. And also still small periods of intense energy !
 Still baby steps - but I am very very happy - there is flow in it !!!! ;-)

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