treatment may 2012
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treatment may 2012

This is the first update.
3 weeks have gone already since my first treatment here at home  !
This period has been very hectic, still lots of practical stuff ;-)  
and still very very little energy ! ;-(
And lots of healthproblems - so remembering what it was like to be hospitalised and having the treatment there, I knew I would need lots of patience in this first period !
I knew I would need to find a routine regarding several things - most important - WHEN TO DRINK WATER and how much - it is NOT nice to be inside the chamber and suddenly your bladder goes nuts and you dont know if it is a "real" urge caused by a filled bladder - or an urge caused by the change of pressure and therefor cant be ignored !!!!! I easily have violent, serios  cramps and bleedings that I have to try to reduce and prevent  if I can ! 
So finding the daily routine with fluids which always is very important for all bladder-patients, rest before going in the chamber so I wont get to tired and wont be able to handle my usual pain, which is still be controlled within the chamber.
Unfortunately there is no doubt that there has been great general worsening since I was a in treatment for 1 ½ years ago.
Among others things,  bladder immediately feels the changed pressure and provokes easily my spinal cramps so I must be relaxed and calm before going in the chamber.
My goal is to be inthere for an hour each day
I  have not succeeded, but I have been patient.
It is important to get it to work by patient adaptation rather than by pushing something forward !!

I have oxygen outside the chamber - it is undoubtedly beginning to show its effect!
It's crazy!
There are days where I feel more energy, it does not cause me be able to do more practical - but I fell a much greater intensity of what I do.
Like I  have more energy to actually do what I do !!!
-  and the following day again will I have more energy deserted - but as I said - it takes time! ;-) I knew that !!!

-  Patience is my specialty !!!!!!
I am SOOO happy and gratefull that I am able to have treatments here at home !!!!!
I can never tell you how much this new chance means to me !!!!!

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