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Time for a little update !!!!
Here have been many things to close regarding the fundraising, it hasnt been the big problems.
We are still surprised and thrilled that the fundrasing has definitely been the easiest part throughout this project that  soon have lasted two years !!!!
About the chamber - well  unfortunately, I was sent some wrong eqipment and it took A LONG time to cleare things out.
So big thanks to technical support for help regarding the chamber and with a highly efficient help from the oxygenconcentrator- compagny, so things are now as they should be and it WORKS!
The first pressure chamber were picked up and sent back last Friday - great ! It has been here 5½ weeks  so it was great to have it send back.
As I wrote, it has been very surprising to see how easy the fundraising went - it was everything else before and after that has taken terribly much energy and has been extremely stressing. 
But the warm-hearted care and support so many have shown is still something that keeps me going on !

Regarding treatments -  well .... as  I have unfortunately not gotten better since I was hospitalized and received five weeks of treatment (for 1 ½ years ago) - so as soon as I start the treatment in the chamber, I can feel my bladder increase  the cramps.
And as it works so greatly together with the spinaldamage I need to be very carefull.
 It was also something I felt  in the hospital, sick spinal cord and bladder captures changes  really fast !!
SO - having recieved chamber and other eqipment I wasnt able to connect or use, and for a long time thinking that when things got here, it would be soooo easy to unpack, connect and just jump right into the chamber and start the treament...well THAT WAS NOT HOW IT WENT  -  LOL - SO THAT PART  was the worse time, it has been the most frustating time actually - longing for sooooo long...1½ year - with just waiting, hoping, working very hard and dedicated as I know it was my last hope and chance !!!
And I did so hope to be able to start and then just see how things didnt work and it took quiet a while to get in contact with the right people ...well finally I did !!! -  and I am soo gratefull cause ONE THING that worked from start and is the thing I clearly can see the first improvements from - is the oxygen I am connected to outside the chamber !!!!
It is wonderfull to feel the first signs of relief and actually SE and FEEL the changes that some days makes it posssible for me to see the first beginnings of more relief and just a little more energy !!! 
The worsening the last 1 ½, generally has also taken me more to hospitals, planned and acut - it has also taken a lot of forces !!!
Still cramps and pain determines the daily treatment length.
I'm determine to go in the pressure chamber every day as I really really needs it.
 It succeeds, however, not always but as I said - it's time  for the small beginnings ! I am back to babysteps !!! ;-)
One thing though,  peace is falling over the situation, slowly but sure  - and that is such a blessing - I am sooo gratefull and so happy for this opportunity to have my life back !!!
So still and again - THANK YOU ! And thank for for keeping the greetings and emails coming !!!!
I know I must still be patient, it dosnt matter - I have had a lot of practise the last years... NOW  I know I will se good things happening !!!

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Suz on 26. maj 2012 16:33
I'm so glad things are finally getting peaceful!!! I bet Felix is sooooo glad too. :) Suz
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