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IMG 0945On May 3, it is a year since I first went into the chamber at home!
Strange to look back on a year  that both have flown by and moved forward in "baby steps"
- And sometimes two-steps-forward-and-one-back!
And unbelievable what HAS HAPPENED in that year!

Here's a little about what I can today; ;-)

The day still starts early
- at about 6 am, I still spend an hour on pain control.
- then  one hour in the chamber and
-one  hour of physical training ... 
Nothing changed there  - but it has become much easier - especially training.

My spinal cord injury has changed enormously!
Including coordination has become much easier - have better control over the right leg.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can here not stand alone - hard training is a NECESSITY for good results!
I can better coordinate the entire body.
My right leg "feels" stronger and sometimes like it belongs to the rest of the body !
The general experience of pain has changed.
Before, it has been very strictly separated, below the operation-place in the back - has one side of the body - and right leg! - felt like it was frozen, and the rest of the body buried in lava. 
A strange unnatural experience having to accommodate!!
SOMETIMES I now have a feeling my body is "one-thing" I am beginning to be able to rest in again - and combind as a "natural-thing" !
Sory- it is hard to explain !

My joints are generally stronger  in the whole body!
especially my hands - and with the protection of braces, I can now paint up to a few hours ALMOST every day!
somewhere great care is necessary - it is very easy to exceed the limits! BUT I DO SO LOVE THIS !!!
SLEEP - I still sleep only about  5 hours a night - still not enough. But SLEEP QUALITY is much better.
I feel refreshed from time to time in the morning!

During the day, I have found a rhythm - after the morning routine is over I rest - active - rest - active - and is now able to relax so much that I  -almost-sleep during the day! And then I can do small things again with fresh energy and it is soo important with that rest in between -  THAT is where I get new energy to go on....fantastic to feel - it is many many years ago since I felt this natural mecanisme ! Have energy - be active - "hit the wall" - and actually be able to recuperate !!!It is a pure luxury !!!
I am connected to oxygen in high doses in many of the days`s hours - it's great to feel the effect!
And feel so unimaginable, violent many years of spinal cord cramps slowly reduce and long someting start giving the body more rest.
But the new rhythm works well - my life is still very much "baby steps" - and the more respect around the newfound system - activity and rest - the better I feel!
Incredible to feel different ...situations... again!
Not just a long still massive experience of pain ... pain level is still high, but compared to what I've been used to ... unbelievable!
I have a large surplus in the days when the rest - activity - rest - activity,  Works
In the evening I go in the pressure chamber again.And feel refreshed again - the convulsions are loosened and the pain eased again ...
During the year, I've got about nine hours uptime almost everyday!
 Incredible! In the four years I was lying virtually the entire day with cramps and was incredibly  sick!
Can you imagine ? - slowly getting more time again ? What a gift ?
And be able to have more time and energy - every day ??? 
  Otherwise generally
- reduction in all symptoms! AMAZING!

The bladder - still a hugh, serious problem!
But "in a  little  better mood" not much .. but "some also have the right"

Spinalcramps  - and EDS - a huge problem and huge concern is very muted. Tissuediseas EDS (Ehlers-Danloss-Syndrome) gives very fragile tissue - it also gives problems with coagulation of blood , and we cant heal or  form lasting scars !!!..
 - So bleeding MUST be avoided as far as possible!
So it has been worrying  to see to see large black spots on the body during seizures ... but now - the less and easiend spinalcramps  - the smaller blue and black marks on the body! A very big relief !!!
Iscias pain is less - reduced much!

Sometimes I have a day with all the old symptoms - I'm still sensitive to ...just one twist...of back or a sneeze ... and then I have all "the chainreactions" and about a day needs to be "taken  out" and i am just "Down and out" - and it then takes many days to come over - and those are the days that really makes the difference visible!
I am stil very sensitive to crouds...infections - so I will have to stay away from that still.
Still a long way  -but  - what a difference ???
I LOVE IT !!!!

Thanks for the continued interest - and all the help I recieved - what a difference !!!  ;-) THANK YOU !
Rise ;-)
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