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 ... from fundraising to setup of chamber - VERY short ..!!!!
            We started to do some rearranging in the house - I have needed some for a looong time, and just hadnt got the energy with all the other things going on ...so the chamber coming was a great reason to do it !!!!
Since Felix always is in the middle of the spotlight I will let him be the tour-guide ;-))))
rearranging ...0
When you rearrange you start with tidying up - and anyone who has just the slightest idea of how cats are working, will know that they are  always right THERE...in the middle of it all .....and if they can make it  - just ten seconds before you get there...PERFECT !
We decided to make room for the chamber and oxgenconcentrator in the bedroom. Felix loves crispy things, and we didnt wanna risk anything about the chamber - or especially the zippers in it !
....Knowing Felix and his talents ...LOL ;-)
hmmm it alos breaks downthere....2
And I wanted a  calm and quiet place for the chamber and would like to know that the new things had a place of its own...
And offcourse the work has been closely examined by Felix
....and some of it  admired ....
oooh so beautifull 3
...... for a loooong time ;-)
first nap....4
And  inauguared with a nap after all the hard work !!!  
 lots of large boxes came - lots of fun for cat !
felix is having fun with all the boxes !!! 1
Unpacking the first chamber !!
unpacking the first chamber.... 2
Unfortunately they send me a chamber that wasnt completely finished. So I had to wait for them to send another!
................unpacking the second .....
DSC 1322
...filling the bolsters with air...
the inside frame...6...the inside frame....
1. test !!!!
.......tjekking the pressure......
..and Felix...? Oh boy no... too much noise !!! LOL
oh i was here all the time, not scared at all - busy cleaning !
           CHAMBER READY TO USE !!!
oxygen connected
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