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This section is about documentation - a section that will be continued updated - so please be back often! Lots of possibilities to search yourselv for own situation..Use the link to the left here- THANK YOU to those who has been so kind to let me share there sites and documentation ! 

As I am the very first to understand the hugh interess, I need to say; 
All I have written are my own experiences !
I took advice from foreign experts and had a wonderfull experience ! 
I am only making documentation available here ! 
Anything mentioned here is own experience and responcibilty ! 
To follow any of this is at own risk!
 - IF you are ill you need to see a doctor in order to  have medical help !
I have followed advise from experts at my own responcibility !!! 

IF you need to talk to anyone, have help with search, even find doctors or places to go, OR you need to talk to someone in order to have your own eqipment,  please feel free to write me at;
and I will do anything i can do help you !
Rise Houen
july 26 2013

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