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Basic eqipment

There is very little knowlegde available (in danish at least;-))  about the use of this equipment!
- therefore I hope this brief review will address some of the many questions I recieve!
While you can buy lots of accessories, this page will only deal with the basics.

You will need;

1)  - a decompression chamber
A quick search online will tell you that they are produced such differens places as the U.S., China, Korea ...........

Unfortunately, not really anywhere in Europe - could otherwise be good for us here in Europe/ Denmark!
Only one place - but they only sell via the United States which will then forward to Europe…!

You will also find they vary greatly in price - and thus also quality!
Here it is, like most other places - You get what you pay for!

You do not really need to see a lot of diffenret chambers to get a little sense and understanding of - quality.
This is not a deep analyze, just a few tips to get you stared to LOOK at a chamber with use in mind!
Quality is quality - and will be available regardless of whether you are looking at a piece of cloth to for example sew a pair of trousers.

If you need a good pair of strong work trousers, which really must be able to tolerate use, you do not go to the department with the gauzy, delicate lace substances which only tolerate gentle hand-wash, right?
No - you look for what is good processed - is strong, heavily in weaving - a piece of fabric that can withstand being used!
And washed over and over!
The same logic and reason is easily transferable when choosing hyperbaric equipment.

All companies recognizes that any ”hole” made in the chamber is a "weak point" since it is breaking the material.
And putting it back together again WILL make this place weaker- windows, valves are "weak spots"

In particular, the zipper is a "weak spot" since it is made of "sensitive" material - and it is often in use.
And as for the zipper in the chamber, you can safely use the same logical sense as when you take a jacket and look at the zipper.

Which will you prefer? - The wide one, sewn into the multiple layers of fabric with the pleats that ensures it does not gains traction in the fabric, several seams that provide more substantial stability, greater strength, spreads the load on a larger area, making it more stable and reliable.

OR  will you choose the one that is in just ONE layer of fabric - naked, unprotected and easy to run into the surrounding fabric?
(dont we all know the situation where we are in a jacket or a pair of pants we just can not get out of cause the zipper is stuck? - struggling back and forth - up and down!
 Quality and design is essential here!)
Consider always the use-
Where will be the greatest load?
Those places should be so - quite logically - visible the MOST PROCESSED places on the chamber!
 - therefore you should look for powerful amplification around the zipper, windows, valves, etc.

- if there are close-up pictures - how wide is the edge around the various things that are added on the chamber ?
Are there any buckles on it?
How strong/big are they? How many?
They seem to be easy to open and close?

How does the frame look ? Strong, stable?
- And it is ok you think twice!
It is much better than to regret a hasty purchase!

- the sense of security around your equipment is incredible important - to have such a "beast" standing if you are not happy to use it, will just give you frustrations.

- You need to feel completely confident about it!
And you can easily when you are outside it, delude yourself that you feel safe!
But trust me - do you have just this one, tiny little doubt - fear - uncertaintyfeeling about your equipment - it will WITH CERTAINTY show up when you are inside the chamber.
- And inthere you really should just concentrate on your breathing... quiet and calm ...and enjoy it.

2)  - A compressor
It will provide air inside the chamber while you are in it.

3)  - An oxygen concentrator
- Oxygen from a concentrator has the same qualities as the oxygen from tanks.
There are indeed benefits from concentrators.

There is more safety,less risk!
You will never need to think about getting it refilled.
It is a one-time investment.
You can get many different types.
- And that is probably the only disadvantage, for here it is important again to think about the situation in advance!
It is an exciting part of your equipment - and here it is important that you can get the exact information about it.
- this is a large subject - you can here correct the flow, volume, concentration - more on that later!
You can get an oxygen concentrator with quite modest performance, without the least possibility for adjustment - and then you can get some ”power-machines” that can deliver oxygen to an entire hospital (some places in the world only concentrators are used, and they covers easily the need! - so here is really lots of possibilities)

A significant part of the solution is in fact preparation - find out as much as possible about the needs / wishes in advance and customize the devices according to your situation!

There are not two situations which are the same - are you planning to buy for personal use, or are you a group of people that go together and therefor will have additional and different needs for equipment? What type of concentrator would then be the best ?
As I had all the problems I found in spite of great efforts no one that would or could help, so if your interest is seriously meant, you are welcome to contact me at
 I am not educated within either medicine or manufacture of this equipment.
The documentation / knowledge of I have acted out of is based on knowledge from abroad.
Rise Houen
friday-20- 2013
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