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 Here there will be comments from people I know from the healthcare system;  doctors, etc.I am offcourse thrilled to be able to share my improvements with them. 

Rise Houen
Nyborg, Denmark 
july 26 2015

Comment on Rise Houens 3-year update in her HBO treatment by Iver Pedersen, a specialist in psychiatry;
"Since Rise Houen a little over a year ago did her 2 year update and evaluation of the HBO treatment I have had the opportunity to talk to her many times and follow her impressive improvements firsthand.

She has often told about the reduction of all the physical symptoms, including pain, though still far from beeing removed completely.

 Sleep and sleep quality has improved a lot.

 It, as a psychiatrist has been most evident is that she has gotten significantly more energy and confidence. Especially in the way, she handles PTSD and depression.

In several cases in which she had to take some tough decisions, she has kept calm and worked purposefully with the situation. 
She has been able to put a case-by-side without ruminate of it when she had made her move, and then wait for others' initiatives.

Her symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress and depression) is clearly reduced tremendously.


Specialist in psychiatry
Iver Pedersen,
Nyborg, Denmark
Contact Info; iver.pedersen@dadlnet.dk
July 24, 2015

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