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       12 things to consider before buying !
Based on countless conversations / mail correspondences, I can see there is a tendency that the same problems easily arises.
Therefore I have for some time looked carefully on companies, products and customer service!
Knowing from experience how difficult it is to be ill and find a surplus to familiarize yourself with all the new things about equipment etc!

As a small summing, I would list the following;
(much of it is of course general, but there are also things that are specific regarding decompression chamber trades)
1) - What is sent to Denmark have the approvals required here!
It is certainly NOT illegal to buy a decompressing chamber, oxygen concentrator and aircompressor, but there are certain European requirements that must be met.

2) Customer service / communications
- Open with good communication, explain the situation, ask your questions.
 - It is of course difficult to formulate your questions if you do not know very much about the equipment!
BUT if you find a good company WILL be of interest to familiarize themselves with your situation and what you may need.
 If not you are met with interest to put your system together;
Might sound quite harsh, but honestly - THEY are the ones who has the the expertise you need, THEY tell you that! 
- YOU turn to them and trust that they CAN AND WILL put it together for you so you can use it!
In Denmark there are not many who knows about this equipment! Therefore  language can also easily be a problem when it comes to understanding  - it can be hard to get aqainted with new informations in another language
- BUT IT  IS REALLY IMPORTANT you understand what you are buying and the correct use of it !

- do not get impresed with numbers, and fine setups on paper that does not come with an explanation you understand!

4) Warranty - Extended?
- It is very common that you can buy extended warranty period.
Your chamber should keep for many years, so check when purchasing how long warranty you can buy.
Some places you can only buy the extended warranty in a very short period after purchase!
This is something that can easily be forgotten just when you get things home and are eager to start using it.
5) Ask about maintenance - make sure you you understand what you need to do to take good care of your equipment.
What you must remember to check - each week - each month - each year?
Filters and such …..
6) Accessories
Ask for options and agreements on the expansion of your equipment if you want changes later.
There are lots of accessories - if you are unsure whether you are going to need it or not, do not let yourself be pushed to buy something you do not know whether you need!
Start with basic equipment and see what YOUR experience will be about YOUR needs!
(for example, there are those who consistently freeze inside a decompression chamber - they rarely need a cooler for cooling the air further in there!)

7) - Conditions regarding the transfer of money!
Agree in advance, so there does not appear "surprises" along the way!

8) On the basis of bad experiences I can hear other people also have - make sure you your connectionskit are the right ones.
There are different types of systems and sizes, ask and make sure you get it right!

9) If you are asked whether you want to
 buy an "upgrade" to a higher pressure, it is important to check whether the equipment fundamentally can handle it! Whether it is tested for it.
IF they say yes... is there proper proof of it ??
At some chambers you can - for a small fee - have installed some hardware that makes it possible and completely SAFE to switch between up to 3 different pressure.
When you buy it, installed by the factory - ready to use when it arrives !
So you have the option more than ONE pressure...more about this later!
10) - if possible - find other customers - hear what they have to say!

11) This is equipment which is NOT widely available on the Danish market.
It can be totally impossible to get hold of even the smallest little ”thing” you need - and it is time consuming and inconvenient to have things ordered again, after sent or find a product you are not aware of - AFTER your purchase.
12) OR you could simply buy at a place that provides "the whole package" - (all your products are listed in their system) then you dont have to worry about much else than to talk your way through what you need (your order) and look forward to the arrive !
The more parties involved, the greater the risk of mistake!
These are just a few of my suggestions, based on my experinces as privatperson - not educated!
 To follow any advise is at own risk!
 - do you have comments,  questions - please feel free to email
Rise Houen
january 23 2013
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