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1 ½ year's update
Unbelievable, but true!
In 1 ½ year I have now had my hyperbaric chamber at home!

From time to time I am asked for a list of diagnoses again, here it is;
(documentation for it is on the old pages;-)

- Chronic Asthma / Bronchitis
- Spinal cord injury, paraesthesia, paralysis, chronic isciassmerter after surgery.
- Nerve-musculær disorders of urinary bladder after surgery
-Interstiticel cystitis / Pain Full Bladder Syndrome
- Overactive Bladder
- Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS)
- Complex longstanding / chronic pain nonmaligne
- Posttraumatic stress)
-Septal perforation
- Damage, irritation, ulcers in the gastrointestinal mucous membranes due to EDS -
(can not be fully investigated due to risk from EDS)

The list itself, and then the conditions creates new symptoms, reactions when they provocates eachother....makes endless lists of symptoms)

Here is an update;

The biggest and most important change!
- A big, dangerous situation (almost) completely removed!
Having so violent spasms from spinal cord for so many years, so massive as is the case here, with so many injuries in the body. Muscles, tendons, even the tiny attachments,warped distortions in the dorsal part, jaws, etc.. etc etc. .. not to mention the pain that is impossible to describe – amazing !
No other drug has ever been able to relieve or get the spinal cord to alleviate these seizures!

And just to mention one thing that really created problems / chain reactions with the spinal cord injury, my connective tissue disease EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) which makes connectivetissue diseased, broken, and bleeding is generally difficult to stop, very big problems grow together and to form lasting scar tissue, of course, this is a hugh relief !
And all treatments has been completely abandoned for many, many years!

Gums - no big problems with bleeding more. Before the hyperbaric chamber I could not brush my teeth without major bleeding, pain and "sore gums"
It now looks normal, healthy out. No wounds!

Because of problems in the jaws, (including no cartilage in the joints and crooked hypermobile joint, misaligned bite I've got two splints, one for night and one for day time use)

SLEEP - and restitute
Now reaches about 6 hours of sleep a day!
Have for over 23 years maximum got 4-5 hours of sleep a day and big problems with general being able to relax the body due to chronic seizures)
Recovery - a thing I had FORGOT what is!
Being active and getting tired - rest and be fresh again!
The simple natural mechanism I have not felt since before 1991! - Before spinal cord injury.
Suddenly one day, I could feel I was well rested!
I felt like I had fetched strength at rest / sleep.

Sleep has been a struggle since the surgery in 1991. Pains have done I have stopped breathing in sleep!
This is confirmed by sleep analysis specialists and their all-recording equipment!

The little movement you make with a single breath made ​​me want to scream! So to lay myself to sleep was a nightmare in itself and cost unimaginable amounts of mental resouser - just to relax the body enough so that it would be relaxed enough to sleep!

20131002 101343 (1)The feeling of being rested is quite incredible - the little moment you wake up without the requirement for immediate total self-control cause you feel your body is under attack – you can feel the body not just total ”worked up” but actually .. a little .. recovered is amazing !!!!
I still have to master the pain and careful movements but a whole lot easier now!
Not the constant massive stress condition! Incredible!
To wake up with more energy than I fell asleep - an almost unbelievable "thing" to get back!

I am often asked about pain and management. 
I will soon write a blog about it so be back soon ;-)

Incredible difference, as a natural consequence of the restitution. Before I had to spend much effort to control myself and force the body in the process of moving. Now of course there is still a need for attention but I am quite ”different in mind” when the body is not so cramped anymore.
And not need the same degree of self-control and coercion.

Has been much better. Not the internal collapse that required maximum self-control not to show too clearly - now of course I feel loads, energy runs out - and feel the need for a break.
But not like the massive pain stress - but much more normal reactions.

COORDINATION OF RIGHT LEG - physical training
All people with different levels of paralysis of the lower body know a lot about "unsafe ground" and how nasty it is!
I can not go much further/many steps than before, but training is a thousand times easier today - I am different, far more secure, more stable and rhythmic. ”Grounder” much better. My balance much better. Have a strong sense of symmetry in the body now.

has been reduced significantly, my over-kompenasation through the right hip less - and therefore less painful.

My day has 12 hours longer than before HBO !!!
UPTIME I mean !!!
Before I lay in bed most of the time, unable to anything.
Even the smallest movement could exacerbate or induce new attacks.
Had what I called a "two-hour life," If I was lucky - I could only slightly in maximum a couple of hours and broke so completely down with lots of symptoms.

Is still get up very early - mental work due to pain is still necessary but not so soon after awakening and not so intense - then one hour in the chamber and then an hour of physical training .. bath and breakfast .. so a little rest and see what the day has to offer;-)

I can still get the ugly days of violent, severe seizures
I think there have been 4 times with full relapse into how it was such CONSTANT! .. I do not know how I survived it, quite literally
Severe seizures who looked like epilepsy - and just as helpless .. it's amazing what you can ”manage to live with” when the condition becomes so extreme.
My spinal cord spasms and "all related" respond quickly by HBO - and oxygen mask beside ... the most amazing thing I've ever experienced - and completely without side effects.
Still in the hyperbaric chamber goes twice a day. My body loves the soft pressure and responds quickly with relaxation, pain-relieving and refreshing.

MY LUMBAR have changed shape, becoming much more normal in curves, not pulled out of shape by cronic seizures!

Still needs a lot physioptherapi - shoulder, neck, jaw, etc remain huge problems - have had neck collar because a few very bad part of the neck.

ISCIAS - it hurts, an iscias treated as mine, probably always will - it is still a "too tight elastic" but compared to what I have been used to, it is now "pure piece of cake"!
........ I still needs to look after and be carefull …

I am able to work again - creative - now also with paint-brushes and prepares the exhibition - I am overjoyed! Something I've missed quite a great deal!
Unfortunately I was seriously injured in our front door a few months ago, so I am awaiting a new type of wristbandages.

20130912 160323(0)                                          

Still need to use energy and have focus on internal dialogue regarding pain control, but far far more "space" to think of much more fun stuff. Do not think so much to force movements etc anymore. Can especially feel it when I work creatively.

SMALL WOUNDS - because of EDS mixed connective tissue disease I will always have many more than usual and will find it very difficult to stop the bleeding, etc., but they heal much faster than ever before.

Still completely no use of seizures asthma medication at all ... only preventive!
left lung

- now feel little tenderness (asthma / bronchitis, damage after many, many pneumonias and EDS mixed connective tissue disease)
Have a much more normal breathing - can breathe more deeply and do not have the "infinite breath" - where I felt I could not get enough air and where it often sounded weird, reminded a dolphin sound!.
Are using oxygen several hours per day and it ”gets better and better”
Just had an infection that started in nasal septum (large hole due to EDS) and in a short time developed a high fever
very well known, starting with the infection in the nose and then into the lungs - especially the left can be felt.
but BEFORE it would be a typical-start-shot to one of the chain reactions I'm so used to, one infection after another and it could drag on for months! This time it was all over in 10 days!
A little fatigue after pneumonia and coughs.
But without chain reaction - at all!!

- is still developing with unimaginable speed …........needs to be carefull.

lOVERALL, the symptoms are subdued to the unrecognizable - I will of course still be very careful but DIFFERENCE is absolutely incredible!

EDS causes many problems - with the sight for instance. I now have the energy to take care of the much less important problems! As eyesight and teeth!
Has for many years been lacking cartilage in the jaws and of course had pain when I ate because it - sounds strange - stand and rubs against each other inside the jaw joints! And a very large number of problems I did not think was "problems" in relation to the other!

When I talked to my dentist about it, she got a shock. And made ​​a splint and felt it was urgent situation! And then I was sent for further investigation - a strange experience to see an issue being considered and treated as acute (yes ok - you have a little difficulty eating with no cartilage in the jaws, teeth so crooked there is no normal tooth position etc - to see it be treated with as much seriousness - which for me was so small a problem that I have not even mentioned it! Proportionately drowned it completely in spinal seizures, bladder spasms, bleeding and a general solid state of ”survival mode”!

- now only a little sensitive to cold, wind, etc. But nothing like it was. Must use heat mask outside again this year.

When one's overall surplus increases can be immediately felt on stress symptoms and can be far better tackled - I can very easily recognize the symptoms of stress and change the situation they occur - or react different !
I am much more robust.

Still having trouble with mucosal irritation and ulcers - and therefore I react violently on everything I eat and drink.

Still a big problem, but "slowed a little down"
Still many aggressive symptoms ...
But generally a bit of improvement, mostly due to subdued spinal convulsions.
They gave up the last treatment in hospital - no good response,
I could not tolerate the medicine.

Unimaginably different general condition - no comparison - I no longer live in hells courtyard! On the way out of it.
Watching the massive symptoms and the relative speed HBO has solved up to them - overall, with so incredibly few side effects, it is incredibly such a transformation has happened.
It took 1 ½ years to get here. Unimaginably difference!

There are several small and big things - an immensely complicated condition completely changed!

Of course I am still incredibly grateful - every day holds new gifts to open in the form of things I can, things I can soon, or feel a change in!

I can never express the tremendous relief, gratitude and warmth I have towards the help I got! There is not a day unless I am thinking about it with the utmost gratitude and appreciation.
IMG 1295                                 
It is an indescribable process to get THIS much health back!

2013-12-02 20.10.14Thanks for the continued interest and THANK YOU for help and support ! 

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