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saturday 12, january 2013
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"The ugly ducklings"

A person who both have followed and supported my personal battle close - and later also follows the great interest there is for this treatment, mentioned Hans Christian Andersen recently - immediately appeared the picture of ”the little ugly duckling” up and I was momentarily speechless of amazement at how well the old story actually fit - even in this situation!

Hans Christian's known for writing great fairytales which in many ways is incredibly striking and can be understood on so many levels!
Regarding oxygen and the Danish healthcaresystem (it seems it is the same situation in many other places)
The ugly duckling can easily be transferred in the Danish healthcaresystem today!

"The world is so large"
........ "The world is so large" ... says the little ducklings in the fairytale while they look around in their little pond!
- And yes one smiles of those words that indicate a very limited life experience.
But the big world, which is REALLY have come close, in our time - where the Internet brings the world into our homes - and thus also the documentation on this treatment and equipment up close - and right into the incredible number of Danes wishlist!

"The idyll"
... Hans Christian describes " the idyll"
as the natural framework he describes in colorful words. Oxygen is a natural part of this "idyllic"

In the midst of Hans Christian duck flock is one that stands out from the masses (or in a patientgroup) - as "strange" - different.
Surrounding world blows up against it, in the intention to act big, scary and powerful - he gets made fun of, scolded, bullied, intimidated, isolated
He did not succeed, and can not be accepted.

He should not think he is ”something”, no one wants to understand him, he is excluded, are told he is ungratefull, he wants into the anonymity of a crowd where he is adapted and understood - instead he inflicted upon self-hatred and inferiority complexes!

... Every little counts, each patient that stands out of the crowd by asking difficult questions about an unconventional treatment is perhaps demanding and time-consuming - and thus putting "requirements"
Most give up quickly and are forces to silence
Most do not have mental strength to go on!

"Jante Law"
Another classic Danish thing - is the Jante Law!
"You shall not believe you are anything."
In keeping with the Hans Christian has described so aptly - you shall not think you have the right to come here with your "requirements" for the system to listen to your thoughts.
If you are actually in a dialogue, then you get either ignorance, prejudices or scare campaign about how dangerous oxygen is, and how little "ordinary people understands it" .... etc etc etc ... regardless of what other countries offer of evidence and experience!

"From fear to hope"
When the duckling could not take it any more, he fled - from the pain, guided by a hope!
A hope of finding the answer - understanding - a place and he FOUND his likeminded!
Swan was not proud or condescending of his life experience - but was happy finally to have found its own species, like-minded others with similar needs.
Oxygen is one of the greatest gifts of our common pond - the world

Instead of putting the anti-Jantelov in here  I would rather try to conjure up the image of an adult swan - its power and attitude arouses admiration involuntarily.
- It may well remind us that its properties can stand guard on the right to ask questions - the right to an informed choice.
All who have tried to be chased by an adult swan has been felt some kind of - respect - the power of its attack, or self-defense - most moves in any case hurriedly!
... It seems NOT that Jante, Bullying and another has done something bigger impression on it!

Idyll itself, nature - sharing generously of its effect and wants all to be able revel in its life-giving medicine.
You may get the idea that powerful forces do not want to see the impact spread, if they can not put their name on the bill and steal its

This was a highly personal interpretation of a fairy tale I've known and loved all my life

To go against the crowd, stand out from the mass - calls "the adult swan 'understanding of the need to protect the individual's right to informed choice and protection of the weaker individuals who are alone, fragile and isolated as easy victims of bullying as "the ugly ducklings"
And the group finally gather around equipment - are grateful for its effect - this high quality medicines that should be available to all and not only for those who manage to struggle to it that one way or another
The patients will tumble as ugly ducklings can take great comfort in Hans Christian story of the little ugly duckling - if only to preserve HOPE and THE GOAL of one day being able to raise above the objection regarding HBOT.

And to get an equally strong inner conviction of his own right as the adult swan!

And by the way .... Is Swan the Danish national bird!
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(Completed October 7, 1842 - 1st time published Nov. 11, 1843)

Rise Houen
January 6, 2013

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These pictures are of original artwork and are copyrighted
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