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Here is more about the production of "The Ugly Ducklings" - they kind of ...grew ...to a larger floch !!! 
see the start here;

Here is from the production - my, sometimes a little too eager, but very charming assisitent, is offcourse with (hard to overlook!!!;-)
I find I now am able to work a couple of hours per day - need I say I LOVE IT !!!
Still only the pensils - but ..........I have missed it more than I can say - so I am more than happy !
I have had so many mails and requests on these birds, so I decedied they should have a page for themselves ;-)
And THANK YOU for the interess !
Ofcourse my cat, Felix has been a great "helper" doing the sketches !
If you click on the first Picture it will pop up as larger and you can click your way through them !
- you can se more on; www.houseofhouen.com. 

Hope you enjoy !
love Rise ;-)
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These pictures are of original artwork and are copyrighted
and are the property of Rise Houen 
You may not  download, print,  share or sell  these pictures in any way without permision.
If you need copy contact;
 Thank you and I hope you enjoy !
Ugl duckling / Blue swan big maleugly duckling bue swan
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