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This website is having a "face-lift! And updates on some of  the sites! 
 Thank you for your patience;-) 

                   HELLO ...
                ..and WELCOME  

- to this new meetingplace ! 
Here you will be able to follow my journey back to life! 

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with mask 2fra tryktanken århus
 The fight for lifesaving treatment in a decompression chamber, or (HBO) HyberBaric Oxygen.

 It will be updatet often!

So follow the Sunrise-blog here;   

Thank you for all support duing the fundraising - it has been so fantastic !!
I will mention a few of my nearest here- THANK YOU for your loving support ! You know how I feel !!!
set up of chamber
friends on studio
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friends on studio

And my  friend Susan Makalinaw who took some of my art and changed it to embrodery designs and donated the sale to the fundraising !         Thank you to all who made this possible !

  What an experience that was!
Also a very big and heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr Petra Kliempt, and Dr Philip James,Scotland for never failing support and documentation!

dr petra kliempt and philip james and rise houen, denmarkk 2012
ONCE AGAIN - to all that was part of making this posible, THANK YOU for everything.

I am happy to say I work with art and craft again - and love it ! I have so many plans again !
I am also the founder of a brandnew innovative pain and stress handling program. I have been encouraged to write a book about the pain and stresshandling tecnics I was forced to develope.
Instead I am writing the full program ...much more about this in the near future!
-thank you for many encouraging emails and greetings.
Feel free to sign op the new site for updates and keep following my journey

Anything mentioned here is own experiencenes ! To follow any of this is at own risk- IF you are ill you need to see a doctor in order to  have Medical help !
I have followed advise from experts at my own responcibility !!! 
If you have any comments or questions about HBO, the eqipment or anything, please write to  risehouen@mail.com  and I wil answer as soon as possible !

Thank you !
Rise ;-)
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